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Trainings and courses

Trainings and Courses

Hello and welcome to this section, as it's one of my favorite topics!
I believe that we should always keep developing ourselves because it not only helps us professionally but also opens our minds, which affects our personal lives as well.
SMART & PRO offers you a wide range of courses and training programs that are specifically tailored to your personal development. My goal is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in your field and achieve success. Let me introduce you to my professional continuing education services in detail:

Google Ads Training: If you're interested in learning how to create and manage effective advertising campaigns in Google Ads, you're in the right place. My training courses cover the fundamentals and strategies needed to get the most out of this powerful online advertising platform. You will learn how to set up ads, select relevant keywords, optimize your campaigns, and measure the return on investment (ROI) of your ads. This can help you save a significant amount of money for your business.

Exclusive Excel Courses and Training: Depending on your needs, whether it's a course or training, it is always tailored and developed to meet your specific requirements. Excel is an essential tool in the business environment. My exclusive Excel courses will not only teach you the fundamentals and advanced features of this powerful spreadsheet software but also help you understand the numbers and the insights they provide. You will learn how to organize and analyze data, perform complex calculations, create impressive charts, and automate tasks using formulas and macros. Mastering Excel gives you a significant advantage in your professional career and helps you save valuable money for your business that you might have otherwise spent on other software programs.

Microsoft 365 Courses: Microsoft 365 offers a variety of applications and services that can enhance workplace productivity. My Microsoft 365 courses will guide you through various tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Teams, and much more. You will learn how to efficiently use these applications and collaborate effectively with other professionals in your organization. You will acquire valuable skills that improve your communication abilities, help you organize projects, and manage information effectively.

Business Courses: My business courses focus on the corporate sector and provide you with the necessary knowledge in the field of administration and commerce. You will learn essential concepts in areas such as accounting, financial management, project management, marketing, human resources, procurement, and more. These courses help you understand the fundamentals of business management and acquire the necessary skills to make informed and efficient decisions.
These courses are particularly important and suitable for beginners or individuals taking on an entirely new role within the company.

Artificial Intelligence: As SMART &PRO, I'm thrilled to introduce you to my training and courses on artificial intelligence! In today's world, AI is becoming increasingly important and is influencing the job market more and more. With the right knowledge, you can stand out and excel in your job!
In my courses, you will learn how to effectively use various AI tools like ChatGPT, Leonardo, Midjourney, and the brand-new Llama2 from META in collaboration with Microsoft. You will be able to develop fascinating applications for Microsoft and make users' lives easier.
The course content is tailored specifically to you. You will understand the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and learn how to apply it in your professional life. From concept to implementation, I will accompany and support you.
I look forward to hearing from you and working together to pave the path to success! Let's shape the future together!

Customized Courses: In addition to the mentioned courses, SMART &PRO also offers the option to create customized courses tailored to your specific needs. If there's a particular topic or skill you want to develop, I will be more than happy to design a customized training program for you. I adapt to your current knowledge and goals to provide you with a highly relevant and effective learning experience.

At SMART &PRO, my goal is to help people reach their full potential. My courses and training programs are designed to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in your field. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, SMART &PRO will accompany you every step of the way. Don't hesitate to contact me today, and let me help you advance your career with my professional training services!

My Recommendations for Courses and Training

With these training programs and courses, I am preparing you excellently for your future as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or startup founder.


With my Google Ads training, you will learn to create your own ads, reach your target audience, and monitor your statistics.


With my customized Excel lessons and training, you'll become the number one in the office!


You'll learn to integrate all Microsoft 365 programs and harness their 100% capacity for your success. You'll master SMART & PRO with Forms, Excel, Word, Access, and even external software like APP-Sheets.


Whether it's accounting, controlling, communication, procurement, sales techniques, or a plethora of calculations, I'll teach you everything you need for your success.

What are you waiting for? Contact me now for free!


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here you'll find answers to the most common questions about my educational services at SMART & PRO. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here to assist you.

  • What are the outstanding courses offered by SMART &PRO?
    I offer a variety of training and courses for you. Some of my outstanding courses include:
    - Excel Courses: My Excel courses are designed to help you master this powerful spreadsheet software. You'll learn from the basics to advanced Excel functions, enabling you to work more efficiently and conduct effective data analysis.
    - Google Ads Courses: If you're interested in digital marketing, my Google Ads courses will teach you how to create and manage effective advertising campaigns on the Google platform. You'll learn to segment audiences, select keywords, and optimize your ads for successful results.
    - Courses for Business Professionals: My courses for business professionals are especially suitable for beginners and individuals taking on new responsibilities in the office. I offer specialized knowledge in areas such as:
    - Accounting
    - Controlling
    - Finance
    Sales strategies, logistics, import and export, as well as other relevant topics in the business field.
    - Microsoft 365 Courses: Microsoft 365 is a widely used productivity suite in corporate environments. My Microsoft 365 courses help you better understand tools including Excel, Access, Forms, Word, PowerPoint, and Teams so you can make the most of them in your daily work.
  • How long do the courses last?
    The duration of my courses can vary depending on the topic and depth of coverage. I offer both intensive courses that can last several days and longer courses that span several weeks. Since the courses are tailored based on the specific needs and prior experience of the customer, there is no predefined course duration.
  • How can I enroll in a course at SMART &PRO?
    Enrolling in one of my courses is simple. You can use my contact form and select the "Training and Courses" category. Once I receive your request, I will get in touch with you to discuss your needs and provide further details about the course or training.
  • Is a certificate issued at the end of a course?
    Yes, upon successful completion of one of my courses or training sessions, you will receive a completion certificate from SMART &PRO. These certificates can serve as tangible evidence of the skills and knowledge you gained during the course.
  • Are SMART &PRO courses also available online?
    Yes, I understand the importance of flexibility and convenience in learning. Therefore, I offer both in-person courses and online courses. I provide you with the option to conduct the course or training with me through Microsoft Teams.
  • What are the costs for the courses and training at SMART &PRO?
    The costs for my courses and training vary as they are always customized to your needs. I want to ensure that you receive exactly what you need to achieve your goals, so I can provide a specific price only after detailed discussion. However, you can be assured that I offer fair and competitive prices. Simply send me a message or give me a call to get more information and receive a customized quote. I look forward to working with you and helping you with your personal development!

I hope that these frequently asked questions have answered your queries. If you have any more questions or need further information about my educational services, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here to assist you in driving the growth of your business.