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About me

Juan García

Author, AI Expert, AI Manager, IBM Advanced ML Specialist, Lecturer

"It's the little details that
make the difference."

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Pioneer Spirit in AI: My Visions, Our Future

From the very core of my career, artificial intelligence and machine learning have not just been fields of study, but true passions that have guided every step I have taken. My name is Juan García, and I invite you to discover how my experience and knowledge can make a difference in implementing AI in your company.

My journey began more than two decades ago, initially specializing as an Industriekaufmann, which provided me with a solid foundation in business processes. Since then, my insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge have pushed me to keep learning and led me to develop in various fields.
Today, I am proud to be an expert in this field, in addition to being able to say that I am also an expert in the field of AI, being certified as an AI Manager, and having also been certified as an Advanced Machine Learning Specialist by IBM, and importantly, I am a Project Manager specialized in AI projects. This combination of roles has allowed me not only to acquire a broad knowledge in AI, Machine Learning, use cases, programming, and data analysis but also to develop and lead projects as innovative as the WCRAI.

One of my most significant contributions to the field, in addition to the WCRAI, has been the publication of "AI-Manager: The AI Manager's Handbook," a book that is becoming a bestseller on Amazon, reflecting my commitment to disseminating knowledge and training future experts in AI, a task I also carry out as a Machine Learning trainer at AWS. The book not only teaches everything related to AI and ML but is also a guide for managing AI projects.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working in 11 different sectors, which has given me a unique perspective on how AI can transform various industries. My international experience includes clients in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, which has taught me the importance of adapting AI solutions to different business cultures and market needs.

Moreover, my experience of more than 25 years in optimizing processes for companies has been fundamental in understanding how AI can today be a catalyst for efficiency and innovation. As a certified professional trainer for over 21 years, I have shared this knowledge, which today is helping others to understand the transformative potential of AI.

In terms of technical skills, I possess a command of programming languages such as Python, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS, essential tools that allow me not only to devise AI solutions but also to implement them effectively.

My vision for the future of AI is of a world where technology and humanity coexist in harmony, optimizing processes not just to increase productivity but also to improve the quality of life. AI has the potential to unlock unprecedented levels of creativity and innovation, and I am committed to leading this change, guiding companies through digital transformation with a sustainable and ethical approach.

I invite you to connect with me and explore how we can collaborate to make this vision a reality, driving together the future of AI and the industry.


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My Mission
My mission is to help people unleash their full potential and succeed, assisting them on their journey.
My Vision
My vision is a world where education and knowledge are accessible to all and bring about positive change.
My Values
My values include integrity, innovation, collaboration, helpfulness, and customer satisfaction.

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