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Be a Partner

Let's join forces to take AI to the highest level!

Benefit from over 25 years of experience in optimizing business processes and leading projects. Together, let's take AI to the next level.
Innovative Solutions
Let's transform complex challenges into innovative solutions with AI by leveraging specialized knowledge across a variety of industries.
Commitment and Quality
My focus on quality and commitment in every project ensures exceptional results. Join me in creating solutions that make a difference.

Let's take the
next step together.


As SMART &PRO, I strive to carry this vision even further by creating a partner pool where innovation and collaboration are at the heart of every AI project. My goal is to bring together professionals who not only share a passion for technology and innovation but are also committed to advancing AI sustainably and ethically, and to building a great team of partners.

I invite you to join me on this adventure to drive digital transformation together and lead the change towards a future where technology and humanity coexist in harmony, optimizing processes not just to increase productivity but also to enhance the quality of life.

Description of the Partner Pool Initiative at SMART &PRO
At SMART &PRO, I firmly believe that collaboration and innovation are fundamental pillars to push forward the progress of artificial intelligence in today's world. With this spirit, I start my initiative to form a partner pool, a unique network for collaboration aimed at bringing together the most passionate and enthusiastic people in the field of AI, machine learning, and technology in general.

Objective of the Initiative
My goal is to create a dynamic community of professionals, experts, and visionaries who share a common passion for AI and the desire to implement innovative solutions that make a difference in various industries. This partner pool will not only serve as a resource for collaborating on AI projects but also as a support ecosystem where members can share knowledge, experiences, and best practices, promoting professional growth and the development of transformative projects.

How It Will Work
The SMART &PRO partner pool will function as a collaborative network where each member brings their unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to enrich the projects. Depending on the specific needs of each project, I will select the most suitable and compatible partners for the team, forming dynamic and efficient teams capable of overcoming complex challenges and offering cutting-edge solutions.

What I Look for in My Partners
I am looking for professionals who possess solid knowledge or experience in fields related to AI and who also share my vision of a future where technology improves people's lives and business operations in an ethical and sustainable way.

It is Essential That Partners Bring the Following:
Very Important to Be a SMART &PRO:
- A firm acceptance and passion for AI and machine learning.
- Future vision and the ability to innovate and adapt to changing market needs.

Very Important for the Projects:
- Practical experience in data analysis, programming, application development, system integration, databases, or specific knowledge in machine learning.
- Deep understanding of AI use cases and its potential to transform industries.

Very Important for the Team:
- Excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to work in a team, and a strong sense of responsibility for their actions and their impact on the team and the project overall.

Benefits of Being Part of the SMART &PRO Partner Pool
By joining my partner pool, you will benefit from the opportunity to work on pioneering projects alongside other AI experts, expand your professional network, gain access to exclusive resources for skill development, and participate in initiatives that are at the forefront of technology and innovation. My mission is to create an ecosystem where everyone can grow together, sharing knowledge and experiences that enrich both individual projects and the AI community as a whole.

Join the SMART &PRO Partner Pool
If you are ready to be part of something revolutionary and contribute to shaping the future of AI, I invite you to join our partner pool at SMART &PRO. Together, we can lead the way to a new era of innovation and shared success.

Key Requirements for Applicants as Partners at SMART &PRO
As SMART &PRO, I am looking for a team of colleagues who are not only exceptionally talented in the technical field but also deeply connected to my vision for the future and committed to the ethos and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.
Below, you will find the skills and knowledge sought in those wishing to join the partner pool:

Professional Competence and Technical Experience (either or):
- Programming Skills: Mastery of key languages such as Python, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS, essential for effective development and implementation of AI solutions.
- Machine Learning Experience: Deep theoretical and practical understanding in the design, development, and application of machine learning models.
- Data Analysis: Ability to extract, process, and analyze large data sets, generating valuable insights for decision-making processes.
- System Integration: Experience in integrating complex systems that enable interoperability between different technological platforms.
- Application Development: Experience in developing robust, scalable, and efficient applications in both back-end and front-end environments.
- Understanding of AI Use Cases: High understanding of how AI can be used to solve real-world problems, transform industries, and improve people's lives.

Vision and Values
- Acceptance of AI: A firm belief in the positive potential of AI and an open attitude towards adopting new technologies.
- Passion for Artificial Intelligence: Genuine enthusiasm for exploring and extending the boundaries of what is possible with AI.
- Future Vision: The ability to adjust to changing technological trends and maintain an innovative perspective on the future of AI.

Interpersonal Skills
- Teamwork: The ability to effectively collaborate with others and contribute to creating a cohesive and productive work environment characterized by respect.
- Effective Communication: Excellent communication skills capable of conveying complex ideas clearly and compellingly, without losing enthusiasm.
- Responsibility and Awareness of Impact: Commitment to personal and professional responsibility, aware of the impact of their work on the team and the projects as a whole.

* The motivation letter is essential to advance in the selection process for partners.

Selection Process for the SMART &PRO Partner Pool
1. Submission of Applications
- Sending of CV and Portfolio: Interested parties should send their current CV along with a portfolio that showcases standout examples of previous projects in the field of AI or related technologies.
- Motivation Letter: Include a motivation letter explaining why you want to be part of the SMART &PRO partner pool, how your experiences and skills can contribute to our mission, and any special vision you have for the future of AI.

2. Preliminary Review
I will personally assess all received applications, focusing on relevant experiences, technical skills, and the passion for AI reflected in each application.

3. Initial Interviews
Applicants passing the preliminary review will be invited to a series of initial interviews that may include virtual meetings and technical tests, depending on their specialization.

4. Competency Assessment
In this phase, deeper assessments of the technical competencies and interpersonal skills of the applicants will be conducted. This may involve analyzing case studies, project simulations, or specific tasks in coding and designing solutions.

5. Final Interviews
Final round candidates will have interviews with the main partners of SMART &PRO, where their potential roles within the partner pool, expectations, and how their inclusion can foster innovation and mutual growth of the partner group will be discussed in detail.

6. Decision and Offer
After the final interviews, decisions will be made, and offers will be extended to the selected candidates to join the partner pool. Each offer will detail the framework of collaboration, including aspects such as potential projects, participation conditions, and other relevant details.

Important Note: I value diversity and inclusion at SMART &PRO and encourage professionals from all backgrounds to apply. My selection process is designed to be fair, transparent, and focused on identifying and fostering the best minds and talents in the field of artificial intelligence. It is important to me to assemble a team with great and outstanding personalities.

Benefits of Participating in the SMART &PRO Partner Pool
As part of the partner pool, you will be an integral component of a leading community in the field of artificial intelligence, dedicated to innovation and excellence.

Access to Innovative Projects
- Unique Opportunities: Participate in pioneering projects that define the future of AI in various industries.
- Diversity of Challenges: Work on a wide range of challenges, from developing advanced algorithms to implementing integrated AI solutions, allowing you to expand your skills and experiences.

Collaboration and Networking
- Exclusive Events: Attend events, conferences, and meetups exclusive to our partners, ideal for networking and strengthening the community.
- Collaborative Ecosystem: Become part of an ecosystem where collaboration and mutual support form the foundation, facilitating a work environment rich in innovative ideas and solutions.
- Expert Network: Connect with a network of highly skilled professionals, where you can share knowledge, learn from each other, and work on joint projects.

Commitment to Ethics and Sustainability
- Positive Impact: Contribute to projects that seek not only technological innovation but also a firm commitment to ethics, inclusion, and sustainability.
- Culture of Responsibility: Work in an environment that values and promotes social responsibility and the positive impact of AI on society.
Participating in the SMART &PRO partner pool offers an exceptional opportunity for AI-enthusiastic professionals who not only want to advance their careers but also make a significant difference in the world through technology. I invite all those who share my vision and commitment to excellence to consider this exciting initiative.

Are you ready to join an avant-garde community that is redefining the future of artificial intelligence?
Do you want to work on innovative projects, expand your professional network, and develop AI solutions that have a real and positive impact on the world?

If so, SMART &PRO invites you to take the first step.

How to Apply:
Submit your application: Direct your application to Juan García via email at info(at)
Indicate in the subject line of the email "Application for Partner Pool - [your name]".

Connect with me on LinkedIn: In the meantime, I invite you to follow the company page on LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest news, projects, and collaboration opportunities with Juan García as SMART &PRO.

As SMART &PRO, I look forward to the opportunity to have your talent and vision on my team. This is your chance to be part of something big, to contribute to the AI revolution in a variety of industries, and to do work that truly matters.

Have Questions?
If you have questions about the application process as a partner or wish for more information about the partner pool, do not hesitate to contact me.

Don't wait any longer! Join the SMART &PRO Partner Pool and together we will take artificial intelligence to new horizons.