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AI Manager Training

AI Manager Training

For readability reasons, the simultaneous use of masculine, feminine, and diverse forms (m/f/d) or man, woman, and diverse (m/f/d) is omitted. All person designations apply equally to all genders.

  • Welcome to the "AI Manager" course!
    The SMART & PRO AI Services program is designed for both non-professionals and professionals who want to lead the implementation of artificial intelligence in their organizations. Based on my experience as an AI expert, AI Manager, IBM certified advanced machine learning specialist, AI and ML lecturer, and author of the books "IA-Manager: The AI Project Manager's Handbook" and "IA el libro", this course offers a unique combination of theoretical and practical knowledge to train leaders and professionals in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • What is an AI Manager?
    An AI Manager is NOT responsible for the use of ChatGPT, Midjourney, and similar AIs in the company; the role of an AI Manager goes much further.

    An AI Manager is a professional who leads and optimizes the implementation and use of artificial intelligence in an organization. They develop strategies, lead AI projects, coordinate teams, evaluate the feasibility and benefits of AI initiatives, and ensure these projects support the company's strategic objectives.
    In short, an AI Manager is an expert project manager with expertise in AI.
  • Course Description
    The course starts at a very low level, addressing the history of artificial intelligence and diving into the field of intelligence before delving into machine learning (ML), its methods, key algorithms, and continuing with data analysis and important diagrams. During the course, various widely used and well-known platforms in the AI field will be covered.

    As the course progresses, the difficulty and complexity change, as the level increases to a professional level.

    It is very important to understand that programming is a crucial area for an AI Manager, as they must have extensive knowledge in this area to develop ML models. For this reason, the course offers a programming module to develop knowledge, skills, and understanding in this area. No prior programming knowledge is required, but it plays an important role in assimilating this knowledge, making a significant difference during the course.

    The course is oriented towards project management, covering topics such as organizational techniques, risk analysis, project phases, implementation, etc., as well as topics like bias, ethics, and rights in the field of AI in depth.
    At the end, participants must develop an AI project.
  • Learning Modules
    Module 1 - Introduction and Classification
    Module 2 - Methods
    Module 3 - Diagrams in Machine Learning
    Module 4 - Software
    Module 5 - TinyML
    Module 6 - Use Cases
    Module 7 - Project Management
    Module 8 - Bias in Artificial Intelligence
    Module 9 - Ethics and Rights in AI
  • Study Materials Students Receive
    - 1 printed copy of "AI Manager" in the language chosen by the student:
    English, German, Spanish.
    - Various exclusive learning materials and tasks developed by the lecturer specifically for each topic.
  • Description of an AI Manager
    An AI Manager is a professional responsible for leading, overseeing, and optimizing the implementation and use of artificial intelligence technologies within an organization. Their role is crucial to ensure that AI projects are aligned with the company's strategic goals and create tangible value.
    Therefore, an AI Manager is an expert in artificial intelligence (including machine learning, basic programming knowledge, data analysis) and project management, making an AI Manager essentially an expert in AI project management.

    Main tasks of an AI Manager:
    1. AI Strategy:
    - Defining the vision and roadmap for artificial intelligence in the organization.
    - Identifying opportunities to apply AI in various business areas.
    - Aligning the AI strategy with the company's strategic and operational goals.
    2. AI Project Management:
    - Planning and managing AI projects from conception to implementation.
    - Coordinating multidisciplinary teams, including data scientists, software engineers, and business analysts.
    - Overseeing project progress and ensuring deadlines and budgets are met.
    3. Analysis and Evaluation:
    - Assessing the feasibility and potential impact of AI projects.
    - Conducting cost-benefit analyses and calculating the return on investment (ROI) for AI initiatives.
    - Establishing metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of AI projects.
    4. Implementation and Operation:
    - Overseeing the technical implementation of AI solutions.
    - Ensuring the integration of AI solutions into existing systems and processes.
    - Ensuring the quality, security, and ethics in the use of AI data and algorithms.
    5. Training and Development:
    - Promoting an AI culture within the organization.
    - Training teams in the use of AI tools and technologies.
    - Staying up to date with AI trends and developments to ensure the organization's competitiveness.
  • Responsibilities of an AI Manager
    Your primary task as an AI Manager is to explore the enormous potential of artificial intelligence for your company. You closely observe how AI can be integrated into a company's value chain, whether in operational planning, sales, logistics, or production. Incidentally, don't forget that AI can also revolutionize service quality and quality control. You identify areas where AI can promote efficiency and excellence.

    As an AI Manager, you are responsible for leading and managing the development and implementation of artificial intelligence in a company. The exact tasks may vary depending on the company, industry, and scope of AI projects, but generally, the responsibilities of an AI Manager include:

    1. Strategy Development: Creating and maintaining an AI strategy aligned with business goals.
    2. Team Leadership and Development: Selecting, training, and leading AI experts, data scientists, engineers, and other team members.
    3. Project Management: Overseeing the progress of AI projects, ensuring milestones are met, and adjusting the course as needed.
    4. Technical Leadership: Understanding the underlying technologies and methods to ensure the best tools and approaches are used.
    5. Data Management: Ensuring access to high-quality data, data cleaning and preparation, and overseeing data processing.
    6. Communication: Acting as a bridge between technical and non-technical teams, stakeholders, and senior management. Clearly communicating the value, challenges, and progress of AI initiatives.
    7. Budget Management: Managing financial resources for AI projects, including planning and allocating budgets.
    8. Risk Management: Identifying and managing risks associated with AI development and implementation, including ethical and legal concerns.
    9. Continuous Education: Staying updated with AI technologies and trends to ensure the company remains competitive.
    10. Implementation and Scaling: Ensuring AI solutions are successfully integrated and scaled in operational processes.
    11. Ethics and Compliance: Ensuring all AI initiatives comply with ethical standards and applicable laws and regulations.
    12. Stakeholder Management: Collaborating with other departments and stakeholders to ensure AI projects meet requirements and deliver value.
    13. Evaluation and Optimization: Continuously monitoring the performance of AI systems to identify and implement improvements.
    14. Promoting AI Culture: Raising awareness of the importance of AI throughout the company and promoting a data-driven decision-making culture.
  • Skills and Knowledge of an AI Manager
    1. Technical Knowledge:
    - Deep understanding of the principles, techniques, and methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
    - Experience with AI tools and platforms (e.g., Edge Impulse, TensorFlow, PyTorch, IBM Watson).
    - Knowledge in data analysis, Big Data, and natural language processing (NLP) and more.
    2. Management Skills:
    - Excellent leadership and team management skills.
    - Ability to manage multiple projects and priorities.
    - Ability to make strategic decisions based on data and analysis.
    3. Communication and Collaboration:
    - Exceptional communication skills to explain technical concepts to non-technical audiences.
    - Ability to collaborate effectively with different departments and organizational levels.
    - Competence in negotiation and stakeholder expectation management.
    4. Strategic Thinking:
    - Vision to identify strategic opportunities and threats in the AI field.
    - Ability to develop and implement strategies that create sustainable competitive advantages.
    - Ability to anticipate and mitigate risks associated with AI implementation.
  • Summary
    - As an AI Manager, you are the competent contact for AI in large companies as well as in the SME sector.

    - As an AI Manager, you evaluate the potential for AI use, such as in optimizing the value chain, as well as in operational planning, sales, logistics, and production. A significant application area for AI is also quality assurance and service.

    - As an AI Manager, you evaluate and develop concepts for using artificial intelligence in the modern work world.

    - You plan and oversee the implementation of AI strategies in companies and support employees in handling new AI applications.
  • Advantages with SMART & PRO AI Services

    6 Advantages of Taking the "AI Manager" Course with SMART & PRO AI Services

    1. Experience and Knowledge
    With my extensive experience as an AI expert, AI Manager, IBM advanced machine learning specialist, and AI and ML lecturer, as well as the author of two books on AI management, I offer deep knowledge and practical insights into the world of artificial intelligence.

    2. Comprehensive Curriculum
    The course offers a deep and comprehensive curriculum covering all essential aspects of AI, from fundamentals and history to advanced topics like programming, data analysis, bias, ethics, and project management. This ensures that you receive a thorough and solid education.

    3. Practical Approach
    The course places great emphasis on practical applications. You will work on real projects and solve practical tasks specifically developed to strengthen your skills in the AI field and optimally prepare you for practice.

    4. Individual Attention
    I offer personalized attention and support throughout the course. You will receive personalized tasks and feedback to ensure you fully understand and can apply the content. For this, I offer a smaller number of participants, a longer learning period, with moderate intensity, with the aim of training and supporting you better and more qualitatively.

    5. High-Quality Learning Materials
    As part of the course, you will receive a printed copy of my book "AI Manager" in the language of your choice (English, German, Spanish). Additionally, I offer specially developed tasks and materials tailored to the students' needs.

    6. Long-Term Success
    The course is designed to not only provide you with short-term knowledge but also the skills and understanding you need to work successfully as an AI Manager in the long term. This includes both technical knowledge and project management and strategic planning skills.
  • Course Completion
    At the end of the course, a final exam and the presentation of the AI project will take place.
    After completing the course, the student will receive a certificate that includes the grade and topics covered during the course.
  • Registration
    Register for the course.
    If you are interested in taking on a leadership role in the field of artificial intelligence and acquiring the skills needed to successfully manage AI projects, then this course is right for you.

    Register now and secure your place. Don't miss the opportunity to become an AI expert.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about my educational services at SMART & PRO. If you have more questions, feel free to contact me. I am here to help you.

  • What is the "AI-Manager" course?
    The "AI-Manager" course is a comprehensive training program aimed at equipping professionals and interested individuals with the skills to implement and use artificial intelligence (AI) in organizations. The course covers all important aspects, from the fundamentals of AI, machine learning, and data analysis to project management and ethical considerations.
  • How long is the course?
    The course extends over a suitable period to ensure that all important topics are thoroughly covered. Unlike other offers that conclude the course in a few days or weeks, this course provides solid training that lasts several months, generally around 3 months, depending on school holidays.
  • What topics are covered in the course?
    The course covers a variety of topics, including the history of AI, machine learning methods, data analysis, the use of AI software, TinyML, use cases, project management, bias in AI, ethics and rights in AI, as well as Prompting.
  • What are the advantages of taking this course with you?
    As an experienced AI expert, AI Manager, IBM Advanced Machine Learning Specialist, instructor, and author of the books "AI-Manager" and "IA el libro", I offer a unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Students benefit from specially designed tasks and receive personalized support throughout the course.
  • How practical is the course?
    The course places great emphasis on practice. Students work on real projects and case studies and must develop and present their own AI project at the end of the course.
  • What certificates do graduates receive?
    After completing the course, students receive a certificate detailing their achievements and the topics covered. This ensures they are well-prepared to lead AI projects in practice.
  • Why is a longer course duration important?
    A longer course duration allows for thorough and deep coverage of complex AI topics. It ensures that students not only acquire superficial knowledge but also gain deep and relevant skills that they can successfully use in their career as an AI Manager.
  • How can I enroll in the course?
    You can easily enroll through our website. There you will find all the necessary information and can register directly to secure a place in the next course. Don't miss the opportunity to become a leading expert in the field of artificial intelligence.

I hope these frequently asked questions have answered your questions. If you have more questions or need more information about my educational services, feel free to contact me. I am here to help you drive your company's growth.

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