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IA Manager

AI Manager $ 78,02

The book 'AI Manager' by Juan García is a solid source for anyone who wishes to get involved in AI project management. It offers practical insights and deep knowledge.

ISBN-13: 979-8871104743
389 Pages, Hardcover, 17.78 x 25.4 cm (7x10 inches)
Available on Amazon in the following languages:
- English (disponible)
- Español (disponible)
- Deutsch (verfügbar)

Last reviewed and updated on: 11.12.2023

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"IA Manager" by Juan García is a comprehensive guide for all those who wish to embark on the fascinating journey through the world of Artificial Intelligence. It offers a detailed view of the definitions, classifications, and applications of AI and Machine Learning, with a special focus on practical implementation in various business areas.

The book guides the reader through the following topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence.

  • Machine Learning.

  • Algorithms.

  • Methods.

  • Data.

  • Diagrams.

  • Software.

  • TinyML.

  • Use cases.

  • Project management.

  • Bias.

  • Ethics and law.

  • Questions and answers (110).

  • Glossary (2388 terms).

The book highlights the importance of the profession of AI Project Manager, which requires not only a deep technological understanding but also considering the ethical, social, and commercial implications of AI. It shows how AI is used in various sectors such as human resources management, marketing, banking, and the automotive industry, and emphasizes the need for careful management and leadership of AI projects to ensure their efficient and effective execution.

Moreover, the book reflects on the role of AI Managers as key leaders in an era of rapid technological advances. It seeks to inform and inspire readers to explore the endless possibilities that AI offers for the future. The author, Juan García, brings his extensive experience and knowledge to convey a deep understanding of AI and its applications.

"AI Manager" is a comprehensive work that seeks to introduce readers to the world of Artificial Intelligence and train them for the profession of AI Manager. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals who wish to expand their knowledge.

The book "AI Manager" by Juan García is very suitable for educational purposes in schools, academies, and universities:

1. Broad and detailed coverage: The book offers a comprehensive view of Artificial Intelligence, from the basics to advanced strategies for its application in different business areas. This breadth of content makes it valuable for a wide range of students, from beginners to those with previous experience.

2. Practical approach and real-life applications: Exploring practical cases and real applications of AI in sectors such as human resources management, marketing, and the banking and automotive industries, the book provides concrete examples that can enhance students' understanding and interest in the subject.

3. AI project management: A significant focus on AI project management provides valuable perspectives for those interested in leadership and implementation of technological projects, a crucial skill in higher and professional education.

4. Author's experience and depth: With over 25 years of experience in the industry and deep knowledge in various business areas, Juan García brings a rich and well-informed perspective, beneficial for an academic environment.

5. Development of critical and reflective skills: Inviting readers to learn, question, and dream about the future possibilities of AI, the book fosters critical thinking and reflection, essential skills in any educational program.

6. Current relevance: By addressing current topics and recent advances in the field of AI, the book is a relevant and current educational tool, essential in a rapidly developing field like AI.

Sophie Bauer, 26.01.2024 - Germany

I bought the book and after a first glance, I realized that the quality was lacking on several pages. However, I know the book through a friend and had already seen the content, so I will not criticize the print quality. I simply requested a return on Amazon and bought a new one. The book is very helpful to me and in my opinion, it is really good. Everything is very well explained and it has helped me a lot to understand topics such as Big Data and data analysis. You can feel that Juan has a lot of knowledge in the field. I really think it's a shame that a good publisher does not recognize this book. I give it 5 stars anyway.

Carlos Martínez, Jan 13, 2024 - Spain

I am a Project Manager, and although I already know Project Management, the book is of great help to me in learning AI and understanding how it can be implemented in the company. I have never worked on such exciting projects before. This book is very valuable.

James Wilson, Jan 10, 2024 - USA

In my quest for knowledge about artificial intelligence, I came across the book. The practical examples and case studies have provided me with a clear understanding of how to implement AI effectively. The information it provides on algorithms, methods, and AI in general is incredibly valuable for anyone starting.

Alexander Schmidt, Dec 27, 2023 - Germany

This book is an essential guide to integrating artificial intelligence into business management. It combines technical theory with practical applications, making it a valuable resource for both AI experts and beginners in the field. Its focus on real case studies provides an applicable and direct perspective on AI in the business world. In my company, we have already started to assess the use cases offered by the book.

Lukas Müller, Dec 18, 2023 - Germany

I have spent a lot of money on books that have not helped me at all. I want to learn artificial intelligence, and I am currently taking a course on AI management to oversee AI projects in my company. This book is not only the only book available, but it is also perfect for the course. The book is excellent; it covers all the necessary topics to learn about AI and manage a project. The book is worth more than its cost, and its quality is very good. I highly recommend it.

Akira Tanaka, Dec 15, 2023 - Japan

I really love this book! It has changed my perspective on implementing AI in businesses. It offers a detailed and practical insight that is invaluable to any professional in this field. 100% recommended.

Marie Dupont, Dec 5, 2023 - France

This book is a gem for managers looking to integrate AI into their business strategies. Juan explains complex concepts in an easy-to-understand and applicable way that I could immediately put into practice.

Sofia Rossi, Dec 2, 2023 - Italy

Finding Juan's book has been a revelation in my career. Its practical approach and detailed case studies have been crucial in understanding how to apply AI in my company. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a clear and effective guide to AI applied to business.

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