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IA the Book

AI the Definitive Book on Artificial Intelligence $ 28,15

"AI the Book" is the definitive book on Artificial Intelligence. It covers AI, its history, methods, Machine Learning, biases and rights, use cases, and discovers the secrets of the Prompt.

ISBN-13: 979-8322773184
253 Pages, Softcover, 15.2 x 22.86 cm (5.2x9 inches)

Available on Amazon in the following languages:
- English (coming soon)
- Español (disponible)
- Deutsch (Verfügbar)

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This book is an extraction of the most basic knowledge from the book "AI-Manager."
It is not a simple textbook! "AI the Book" maintains the same teaching methodology as "AI-Manager."

It is aimed at people who want to know in detail and understand AI, as well as its functioning and applications.
This book is intended for beginners in AI and for advanced AI users who want to delve deeper into it. It is not intended for professionals who want to develop in the field of AI; for that, you already have "AI-Manager," which offers a comprehensive view of AI and the development of projects for its implementation in companies.

"AI the Book" provides you with the most important knowledge about AI and ML, clearly explained and without endless texts. The book maintains the methodology of "AI-Manager," which is meticulously designed to offer the best learning curve.

Due to the type of content, the summarized nature of the book, and the method of clarification, both "AI-Manager" and "AI the Book" use many lists and enumerations. This helps the reader to understand the content much more easily, as well as to locate each point within so much content, and to associate and differentiate the various points in each topic.

"AI the Definitive Book on Artificial Intelligence" stands out as the best option for those who wish to learn about this revolutionary technology. Its comprehensive content, meticulously organized structure, and clarity in presenting concepts make it an unparalleled tool. Each chapter is designed to progressively build the reader's knowledge, from basic fundamentals to advanced applications and ethical considerations. Complex concepts are explained with precision, making them accessible to beginners and valuable to advanced professionals. This book not only teaches AI but also inspires readers to apply what they have learned ethically and effectively in their own fields, ensuring a comprehensive and practical understanding of artificial intelligence.

I have written the book "AI: The Definitive Book on Artificial Intelligence" as a complete and accessible guide for anyone wishing to delve into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. This book is not only a theoretical exploration of the fundamentals and principles of AI but also a practical tool offering knowledge applicable to various fields, from medicine to industry.

As an author and expert in artificial intelligence, my experience ranges from teaching machine learning to advising companies on the implementation of advanced technologies. Throughout these pages, I demystify complex concepts and present case studies that demonstrate the transformative impact of AI on our daily lives and work.

This book is structured to provide a clear understanding of the different types of artificial intelligence, including machine learning and deep learning, and how these can be applied to improve decision-making processes and operational efficiency. Additionally, I address the ethical and social challenges that arise with the adoption of these technologies, offering a balanced perspective on their benefits and potential risks.

It is my wish that, upon completing the reading of this book, readers not only acquire a deep understanding of what AI can do and how it works but also that they are inspired to actively participate in the design and ethical use of artificial intelligence, fostering a future in which technology and humanity coexist in harmony and collaboration.

The book guides the reader through the following topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence.

  • Machine Learning.

  • Methods.

  • Data.

  • TinyML.

  • IoT.

  • Use cases.

  • Bias.

  • Ethics and law.

  • Prompting.

Carlos Martin, 20.06.2024 - Spain

It has a clear and well-organized structure. The book is very well broken down and everything is very well explained.
The book offers many practical examples and use cases that show how AI is applied in various fields. This not only makes the content relevant but also helps to visualize the real impact of AI in the world.
Some of the author's conceptual opinions may not coincide with those of all readers, but this is part of the enrichment that the diversity of perspectives in the field of AI brings. The content is of great value and offers a deep and practical understanding of the subject. I give it 5 stars because it has taught me everything very well and the opinions have led me to think for myself, which the author makes very clear from the beginning.
Unbeatable value for money. Even the cover contains subliminal messages that not everyone can understand...

Laura Schneider, 23.06.2024 - Germany

It is an absolute gem for anyone who is fascinated by artificial intelligence. The book impeccably combines technical depth with accessible explanations, making complex concepts easy to understand. What the AI professor at the university couldn't explain to me, I learned from this book. The captivating writing style keeps you hooked from start to finish, and the real-world examples are both enlightening and relevant. I highly recommend this book due to its exhaustive exploration of AI's potential and its impact on various industries, and because the author offers his experience and sincere opinion, which leads you to think for yourself and form your own opinion. It is a very constructive and educational book.

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